Founded in 2009, Cano Health was established to offer high-quality, patient-centric primary care that reduces costs for both healthcare payers and patients and has quickly become a nationally recognized multi-state, value-based care delivery platform with an established track record of rapid and profitable growth in the $800+ billion Medicare Advantage market. As part of its care coordination, Cano Health provides sophisticated, high- touch Population Health Management Programs including patient-centric programs such as home visits, telehealth, transition of care, and high risk & complex care management. The Company partners with healthcare payers, including health plans and the federal government, under capitated contracts to manage the healthcare of primarily seniors eligible for Medicare Advantage and/or Medicaid managed care. The Company’s success is driven by a relentless focus on its guiding principle of developing lifelong bonds with members and promoting activities and care that improve physical and mental health and a business model that aligns financial incentives for Cano with clinical outcomes for patients. Cano Health is publicly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “CANO.” Mr. Morales serves as a Board Director, as the Chair of the Audit Committee and as a member of the Compensation Committee.

Founded by an Afro-Latina health equity innovator born and raised in the Bronx, Radical Health works at the intersection of community health and tech. The Company combines meaningful conversations with AI enabled tech to help people understand their health care rights and develop self-advocacy.  Radical Health uses indigenous restorative circle practice to create space for a new kind of dialogue between clinicians / healthcare providers, researchers, service providers, and community members. 

Forfend is a Latina-founded primary care company. The Company is building a digital health platform that will provide millennials with prevention focused healthcare services. 

Financial Services

Established in 2006, UniVista delivers industry leading insurance products and services in dynamic and innovative ways, leveraging technology, data and analytics to foster customer loyalty, employee professional growth and community recognition. The Company sells insurance products across auto, home, commercial, property, life, health and annuity, predominately to the Hispanic community in Florida. UniVista operates under both a franchisor and a corporate model, totaling more than 130 franchises, 10 corporate stores and a large corporate call center, employing over 230 individuals. Family-owned and independently operated since inception, UniVista partnered with Avance Investment Management in July 2021 to expand its suite of offerings and franchises in Florida and across the U.S. through M&A as well as organic growth initiatives.

SnowBall Wealth is a financial technology company working to empower people to make financial progress. Snowball Wealth is developing the tools and resources users need to make the best financial decisions. The Company’s first product is a digital platform that helps people understand and optimize their student debt. The suite of tools makes it easy for users to understand their finances and pay off student debt in the smartest way possible. Snowball Wealth provides analysis, option comparisons, and detailed calculations, supporting each user to make the choices that work best for her lifestyle via personalized goals and recommendations.

Consumer Products

Sakara Life is a plant-based home delivery food service company. The Company designs programs that are based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense, and delicious ingredients. Sakara is the first organic meal delivery company to offer nutritionally designed meals focused on microbiome health. The company uses local ingredients and “superfoods” from around the world to create fresh, ready-to-eat meals that are delivered to its users’ homes. Sakara’s nutrition program makes plant-based eating delicious and effortless, and by helping all people – not just vegans – include more plant foods in their diets, Sakara is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable eating.

Carson Life is a natural health and beauty products company focused on the Latina market. Carson Life’s products include offerings in the hair care, weight loss, skin care, vitamins and rejuvenation categories. Carson Life has exclusive endorsement deals with well-known Latina celebrities and its products are currently sold in over 3,000 stores through a variety of retailers in the United States and Puerto Rico including Walmart, Walgreens, H-E-B and CVS as well as online through Walmart.com, Amazon and the Company’s own website, among others. Mr. Morales serves as a member of the Board of Directors.

Education Technology

Emile, founded by a trio of Latinos, is a premium high school digital learning platform. Its users access high-end content and support to earn both high school and college credits. Emile Learners use the platform to better engage and retain information for their high school subjects. Students can engage in 20+ classes for high school credit or supplement, ranging from Advanced Placement classes to Intro to Personal Finance and Acting courses.

Encantos is an entertainment-driven education technology company whose products make use of innovative design and technology to actively entertain and engage kids in their blended learning journey. The Company is building a data-driven system that brings personalized learning to kids 12 and under. Encantos provides users a curriculum of 21st century skills, delivered through proven learner-centric, play-based systems that combine digital and physical products. The Company has a purpose-led and culture-inspired approach to building family entertainment and education brands for today’s multicultural world. Its beloved character-led stories are diverse, engaging & fun.

Innovare was founded in 2017 by three leaders of color who left their jobs at Chicago Public Schools, the Gates Foundation, and Google respectively to support education and social impact leaders succeed. The Company empowers leaders of organizations in the education ecosystem with the technology, support, and community of peers they need to achieve a positive and sustainable impact on our society through education. Innovare disrupts the status quo with cutting-edge analytics and strategic planning technology, expert support rooted in continuous improvement, and through fostering collaboration among leaders in education and other social impact-focused organizations.

Words Liive’s platform automates the integration of music into reading and writing assignments. The Company’s patented algorithm allows teachers to find popular songs that have similar structures as texts in their curriculum. The addition of soundtracks to literature has proven to inspire students to learn and deepen their engagement. Words Liive’s tools aim to bring students to grade level proficiency and beyond and support teachers in the instruction of English Language Arts, History, Civics and Social Studies.

B2B Technology

VOIQ is the world’s first AI Voice Assistant for the web. The Company’s AI Voice suite allows companies to have a Voice Assistant on their website and mobile applications to engage their customers in highly personalized, natural conversations. The SaaS platform also provides analytics, including valuable data about the conversations between companies and their customers, including sentiment and tone in addition to audio recordings and live transcripts.